Nintendo’s Anti-Consumer Practices are Really Getting on my Nerves

I want to preface this article by saying that Nintendo is well within their LEGAL rights to have acted in the manner that they did regarding the Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament and the Splatoon 2 tournament. I am by no means a lawyer or legal specialist in the field of copyright or intellectual property.Continue reading “Nintendo’s Anti-Consumer Practices are Really Getting on my Nerves”

How to be a Sustainable, Zero-Waste Gamer

So it’s 2020, and the world is on fire. Well, to be fair, the world was already on fire before 2020. Melting ice caps, rising sea levels, rising temperatures, forest fires, species of flora and fauna going extinct… are you sweating yet?           Of course, the majority of the blame is not on the shouldersContinue reading “How to be a Sustainable, Zero-Waste Gamer”

Just Dance and My Mental Health (In a Pandemic)

We know it, we’ve played it, and most of us have never given a second thought to it – the Just Dance series of games developed and published by Ubisoft. Starting in 2009, it featured 33 songs from the early 60’s to the late 2000’s for players to dance to. It was playable on Wii,Continue reading “Just Dance and My Mental Health (In a Pandemic)”

My Favourite Nintendo 3DS Games

On September 16th, Nintendo announced that the 3DS family of systems was no longer in production, and was thus officially discontinued. This is almost a decade after its release in February of 2011. The 3DS was the first system I bought with my own money, around the time that I started to self-fund my videoContinue reading “My Favourite Nintendo 3DS Games”

Character Customisation in Nintendo Games: So Close, Yet So, So Far

Ever since role-playing games have been around, people have wanted to insert themselves into their adventures. Gamers often spend time carefully choosing a class, a fighting style, dialogue options that reflect their own wishes, or a starter storyline that may affect their gameplay. They may spend hours customising their character’s appearance and clothing, making sureContinue reading “Character Customisation in Nintendo Games: So Close, Yet So, So Far”

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Six Months Later

“A game that released at the exact right time,” were the thoughts of many people upon the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Its debut came at the time when the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic was making its way through scores of countries, with many governments around the world implementing shelter-in-place orders, people losing jobs, andContinue reading “Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Six Months Later”

Nintendo Limited Game Releases, and why Super Mario 3D All Stars Leaves a Bad Taste in my Mouth

If you, like me, have no other personality than being part of the revered class that is The Gamer, then you’ll know that Nintendo has been pretty lax on announcing much of anything this year. Sure, a few new games like Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics and Animal Crossing: New Horizons have come out, butContinue reading “Nintendo Limited Game Releases, and why Super Mario 3D All Stars Leaves a Bad Taste in my Mouth”

How Breath of the Wild Helped Me to Love Zelda Games

I have, unfortunately, committed the sin of being a 90’s kid who was not born into a family who were able to afford video games until the DS/Wii era. I know. Please, sir, ma’am, lower your pitchfork. I did not play Pokémon on the Gameboy with friends in primary school, struggle through the water templeContinue reading “How Breath of the Wild Helped Me to Love Zelda Games”

My Favourite Multiplayer Games for the Nintendo Switch

I remember being extremely nervous about what the reveal of the then coded “Nintendo NX” would be like after the Wii U’s commercial failure. I had bought a Wii U, and loved it (even though I was salty about the lack of an Animal Crossing game), but understood that its low popularity was due toContinue reading “My Favourite Multiplayer Games for the Nintendo Switch”

Is Video Game Piracy Only for Scallywags? – An Alternate Perspective

I will preface this article by stating the obvious: stealing is wrong. Video game developers dedicate so much of their time to creating art for us to enjoy, and definitely deserve to be compensated for their efforts. But wait, gimme a sec, hear me out here – it kind of sucks when video game developersContinue reading “Is Video Game Piracy Only for Scallywags? – An Alternate Perspective”