A Short Hike (PC) Review

This review will be a bit of a switch (ha!) up, as I won’t be playing the game on the Nintendo Switch. I received this game in the “Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality” on itch.io back in June along with 1,740 other items which included games, game assets, reading materials and dungeon manuals. GivenContinue reading “A Short Hike (PC) Review”

Bury me, my love (Nintendo Switch) Review

The Nintendo Switch eShop is often hard to navigate, as a barrage of new titles being added every day to a storefront without a rating system can make it difficult to discern the proverbial trash from treasure. Every now and again I check the New Releases tab, hoping to find a game that intrigues me.Continue reading “Bury me, my love (Nintendo Switch) Review”

Pokkén Tournament DX (Nintendo Switch) Impressions

Like many Switch owners, I have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. For those who don’t know what Nintendo Switch Online (or NSO) is, it’s a service that allows Nintendo Switch owners to have access to online gaming modes, cloud backups for save data (for most games), a library of NES and SNES games, andContinue reading “Pokkén Tournament DX (Nintendo Switch) Impressions”

Afterparty (Nintendo Switch) Review

Upon purchasing my Nintendo Switch, I did what any sane gamer would – aggressively hunt down any and all Top 10 lists for all genres I was interested in. I am a huge fan of story-driven games, and Oxenfree was a game I couldn’t wait to buy. I waited until it was on sale, andContinue reading “Afterparty (Nintendo Switch) Review”